Cloud 9 Bistro
See you on Cloud​​​​​​​​ 9...
Beat poets of the 50s started using the slang "up in the clouds" to describe a level of content that came at the end of the day, when work was done and troubles waned away. The idea of 'Cloud Nine' as a place of happiness proliferated in popular music–former Beatle George Harrison adopted the term as the title of his 1987 album and, more notably, The Temptations' 'psychedelic soul' album of the same name, released in 1969, embraced the idea of escaping troubles on Cloud 9.

Inspired by "Cloud 9" as a place of happiness and serenity, owner Mark O'Donnell opens Cloud 9 Bistro in November of 2017. We hope to share a space that will be an idyllic retreat and satiate your hunger with quality menu items aimed to please.

Come ride high and feel fine with us on Cloud 9.

"I'm doing fine on Cloud 9. Let me tell you about Cloud 9" - The Temptations
Now Open! 7 Days a week 8am-3pm
Visions of Cloud 9
  1. Liège waffle with maple syrup and fruit
    Liège waffle with maple syrup and fruit
  2. French onion soup
    French onion soup
  3. Eggs benedict
    Eggs benedict
  4. Liége waffle with Nutella and powdered sugar
    Liége waffle with Nutella and powdered sugar
  5. Italian sandwich (on toast)
    Italian sandwich (on toast)
  6. Frenchmen in a bathtub
    Frenchmen in a bathtub
  7. Specialty coffees
    Specialty coffees
  8. Quiche, fruit, and hash browns
    Quiche, fruit, and hash browns
  9. Bananas foster Liége waffle
    Bananas foster Liége waffle
3138 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

Located down 9th Street, just off of bustling Magazine Street. Escape the raucous, avoid the lines, come on over and "ride high on 'cloud nine'".
Made by following a Belgian traditional recipe, liège waffles are rich and intense; stretchy, layered, and faintly crunchy within from embedded pearls of sugar; firm on the outside, from that same sugar melted and trickling about the waffle iron’s grids to form a caramelized shell. It’s not the kind of thing you can have a single bite of and forget. At their core, they’re an extra-buttery brioche dough given a luxurious rise. Compliment your liège waffles with all kinds of toppings, savory and sweet.  See our menu   for options.